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Embrace Fallen Leaves in Golden Autumn

Diaoyutai Gingko Avenue
It is an ideal placeto enjoy the qutumn scenery in Beijing with unforgettable scenery. Nearly a thousand ginkgo trees planted in the late 1950s are lined up outside the east wall of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. They make up a golden picture in late autumn. Under your feet is a soft blanket of ginkgo leaves. Looking far into distance, you will see people enjoying their time here. Some are photographing, some taking wedding photos, some strolling, some walking the pet, and some carrying a small basket and looking for ginkgo nuts in fallen leaves. They are harmonious parts of the autumn picture.

Addimission: free. The best time for sightseeing: mid-to-late October
How to get there
: take Metro Line 1 to Muxidi Station, and then take bus 114, 102, 103, special 6 or 320 and get off at Tiaoyutai Bus Station.

Yonghe Temple Gingko Avenue
The ginkgo avenue at the entrance of Yonghe Temple is one of the top three ginkgo avenues in Beijing. It constitutes an artistic conception together with the nearby ancient and exquisite buildings of Yonghe Temple. Besides, the ginkgo trees here are in the prime of life, with an average age above 30. Therefore, the trees are tall and flourishing. When autumn falls, the leaves turn golden and look like small fans, and you will be overwhelmed in the beautiful scenery.

Addimission: 25 yuan. The best time for sightseeing: mid-to-late October
How to get there
: bus13, 18, 44 (outer), 62, 116, 117, 125, 206, 606, 684, 800 (outer), 858 or 2 (special); Metro Line 2 and Line 5.

Ditan Park Gingko Avenue
The Gingko Avenue in Ditan Park is the oldest one in Beijing. The gingko trees in the park seem older than those at Diaoyutai. It is said that some of the trees were planted when the park was established. Without being disturbed by the busy traffic as you will be outside the wall of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, you can take your time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park. When autumn falls, it attracts many residents to photograph and appreciate the scenery of autumn. Enter the Ditan Park from the west gate and go directly to the north zone, and you will see the breathtaking Gingko Avenue. There are also plenty of ginkgo trees at the north side of the Ditan Park, in an alley connecting Qingniangou Road and Xiaohuangzhuang Road.

Addimission: 2 yuan. The best time for sightseeing: late October - early November
How to get there
: west gate of the park: Metro Line 5, bus 18, 27, 104, 108, 113, 119, 124, 201, 328, 358, 407, 417 (branch), 758, 803, 850, 858, 912, 415, 847, or 849. South gate of the park: Metro Line 5, bus 44, 62, 13, 116, 406, 606, or 807

Red Leaves of Fragrant Hills
The Fragrant Hills Park is one of the four best places in China for appreciating red leaves, a classic choice for an autumn vacation. When autumn falls, fiery red leaves of smoke trees blanket the entire mountain and turn dark purple when frosted. These smoke trees were planted during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. They have gradually developed into a forest with 94,000 plants after over 200 years of development. Xianglu Peak, dubbed Sorrowful to a Ghost, is the most precipitous peak of the Fragrant Hills. You may take a challenge to climb to the top. When the weather is fine, you willoverlook the Summer Palace, where Kunming Lake and the Tower of Buddhist Fragrance are partly hidden and partly visible, and you can see the looming buildings of the Jade Fountain Hill.

Recommended time for visiting: mid-October
How to get there
: accessible by bus 696, 693, or 331 (about 20 minutes) after getting off at Beigongmen Station by subway; bus 318: Laogucheng Stop - Xiangshan Stop; bus 331: Xinjiekouhuokou Stop - Xiangshan Stop; bus 360: Dongwuyuan Stop - XiangshanStop; 634 Xizhimen Stop - XiangshanGongyuanDongmenStop; bus 714: Fuchengmen Stop - Xiangshan Stop; bus 696: SunheXiangzhengfu Stop - Xiangshan Stop; bus 698: Chengnan Jiayuan North Stop - Xiangshan Stop

Jinshan Park
Jingshan Park, the back garden of the Forbidden City, is the place where the Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself. It is also an imperial park. It is different from other parks as it has Wanchun Pavilion located at the highest point of Jingshan Park, a back garden of the imperial city, where you can have a full view of the Forbidden City. Visitors to Beijing will surely come to Jingshan Hill to have a bird's view of the entire Beijing. They will see not only the splendid ancient palaces but also the modern Beijing city. Maybe you will not be much attracted by the ginkgo leaves as you visit the top of Jingshan Hill in autumn, but it is enchanting that the yellow leaves merge with red walls, conveying a feeling of vicissitudes of history.

Addimission: 2 yuan
How to get there
: take bus 5 and get off at Jingshan Xijie stop; take bus 58, 60, 111, or 124 and get off at JingshanDongjie stop; take bus 111 or 124 and get off at Jingshan Dongmen stop; take bus 101, 103, 109, 124, 810, 685, 814, or 846 at get off at Gugong stop.
Best time for sightseeing
: walk out of the north gate of the Palace Museum, and you will get to the south gate of Jingshan Park across the road. You’d better visit the park on a sunny day. It is suggested to enter the park at around 5:30 pm after having fully appreciated the Forbidden City, as the sun usually goes down at about 6:00 pm in autumn in Beijing.

Peking University
Peking University is not only China’s first comprehensive university, but also a place for charming scenery. In every autumn, the university campus takes on a beautiful view. The ginkgo trees are tinged with cultural charm while walking in Peking University. You would catch a glimpse of a small grove of ginkgo trees sandwiched between the Life Sciences Building and the First Teaching Building while walking further along the road.  It is in sheer peace and an ideal place for chitchat and photos.

Admission: free. Teaching buildings and laboratories are not allowed entry.
: No.5, Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District
How to get there
: take bus 508, 601, 717, 331 or 365 to the west gate of Peking University

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