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Six Amazing Budget-friendly Eateries Hiding in Beijing

What we call price-friendly eatery is the one that attracts dinners all by its taste, not its surroundings. If you really scoop one, be ready to be stunned by it. Actually, it is the taste, not the decor that matters a lot for real gourmands. Let’s embark on a journey to Beijing’s nine delicious yet price-friendly eateries that worth a visit.

Zhang Mama
Gaining a reputation for its savory taste and pleasant service, Zhang Mama is always swarmed with dinners. Delicious as it should be with friendly price, it would pleasantly surprise you with a wide selection of Sichuan authentic dishes ranging from fried dishes, maocai (a stew-like dish originating from Chengdu) to Bobo Chicken (skewered cold slices of chicken and vegetables in chili sauce originating from Leshan of Sichuan).

Address: No. 5 Fensiting Hutong, Andingmen Inner Street (Opposite to the east entrance of Fangjia Hutong) 安定门内大街分司厅胡同5号(方家胡同西口对面)
Phone: 13717850992
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00-22:30
Average Cost: 48 yuan per person

Fangzhuanchuang No. 69 Noodle
Hiding itself in the Fangzhuanchuang Hutong, opposite to Yandai Bypass at Xicheng District, it is on the left side with a shop sign of Peking Noodle. And in particular it notes that its 15-yuan noodle is made by native chefs. In front of its door a few diners are queuing up. Inside there is a native aunt busting about. I order a bowl of noodle. After a short while, its waiter brings a bowl of handmade noodle with a saucer of fried bean sauce as well as soybean, shredded cucumber and sweet pink-fleshed radish. Delicious aroma would waft through the air after the noodle is bathed in sauce. It is indeed a great enjoyment to eat it with green Laba garlic. Featuring an authentic Beijing flavor, its noodle has gained a reputation among diners.

Address: No.9 Fangzhuangchang Hutong(方砖厂胡同69号)
Phone: 13691150449
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00-13:30, 16:00-18:00
Average Cost: 16 yuan per person

Mr. Li’s Shaobing
If you have a taste for Shaobing (a Chinese baked roll), the hottest Mr. Li’s Shaobing is a must-have. Many gourmands have recommended it in their posts. As a hole-in-the-wall shop, it just has a few tables outside. And inside, there is an array of Shaobing stuffed with meat on a long table against the wall. With a price of 2.5 yuan, its freshly-made Shaobing tastes great. Its Shaobing in layers features oil-dropping beef stuffing on the inside and crisp sesame on the outside. Its 1.2-yuan original Shaobing is also in layers with savory sesame paste flavor. And it is also thick enough to satisfy you. Furthermore, I highly recommend its 7-yuan sweetbread soup with rich and fresh ingredients like just-right and chewy shredded pork tripe and rubicund and clean lung lobe. With saltiness at its best, it indeed goes best with Shaobing.

Address: No. 10-11, Building 1, Minzu Garden, Chaoyang North Road (near the northern wall of Changying Mosque) 朝阳北路民族家园1号内10-11号(近清真寺北墙)
Phone: 13366786228
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 05:00-18:00
Average Cost: 10 yuan per person

Zhu Ti Bang (Yongding Road)
Only three specialties are sold in this store: pig feet, pig knuckles and long boiled soup. Prices of the first two are 39 yuan per jin (0.5 kilograms) and the soup is over 40 yuan per jin. For each one knuckle and four feet, you will get a soup for free. Feet are tender to melt in your mouth, tasting amazingly different in cold and hot dishes. So are the tender knuckles, easy to be separated from bones. Tasty pig feet and knuckles are evenly marbled with fat, mind-refreshing.

Address: storefronts at the bottom of No.2 Building, Xili Residential District, Yongding Road (on the northwestern corner of the intersection of Taiping Road North and Yongding Road) 永定路西里2号楼底商(北太平路与永定路交叉口西北角)
Phone: 15901428816
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 12:00-20:00
Average Cost: 80 yuan per person

Qingzhen Baiji Xiaochi (Northern Corner of Niujie Street)
Stuffed with traditional Muslim restaurants, Nuijie Street is never lack of delicacies. Baiji Xiaochi, a time-honored store, is situated on the first floor of Qingzhen Supermarket and always sees a long queue in front of its only window. Assorted scrumptious traditional pastries are weighed to sell there. You can buy however much you like. Pastries with Beijing characteristics like glutinous rice rolls with sweet bean flour, glutinous rice balls, pease puddings and haw cakes are all marvelous and not expensive.

Address: Floor 1 of Niujie Qingzhen Supermarket, No.5 Niujie Street (near Shuru Hutong) 牛街5号牛街清真超市1楼(近输入胡同)
Phone: 13801383675
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 8:00-20:00
Average Cost: 22 yuan per person

Pangmei Mianzhuang
Amazing is the word frequently used by customers to describe noodles in this store. It is rare for customers wandering among various delicacies to be astounded by a simple bowl of noodle. A taste of the lip-smacking and mouthwatering noodle flavored with soft and mushy peas, seasoned minced pork and bright chili oil is a taste of life; people can’t hold back their thumb-up praises. For snacks, a portion of tender and tasty brain boiled in sauce would be a wonderful choice. Another sip of moderately-sweet mung bean soup would make you feel like being in the paradise.

Address: 30 meters from Holiland in in Xiang’er Hutong’s east entrance (100 meters south to Exit D of Beixinqiao Metro Station) 香饵胡同东口好利来蛋糕店进胡同30米(北新桥地铁D口出往南100米)
Phone: 13260226706
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00
Average Cost: 27 yuan per person

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