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Northeast China Private Tours
Northeast China is a relatively small region that encompasses the three provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning. It shares borders with North Korea, Russia, and Inner Mongolia and lies beyond the Great Wall of China. The main cities in Northeast China are Shenyang, Changchun and Harbin. The southern coastal city of Dalian in Liaoning is also pretty major.

Magnificent natural landscape, enthusiastic local residents, traditional Chinese culture, characteristic local food- all your expectations for a trip can be realized in Northeast China. Similar to Michigan’s weather, the best period for travelling is from May till October. You could spend one week in the three northeast provinces and enjoy an amazing trip in a different oriental culture.

China Beijing Private Tour organizes tours to northeast China: Harbin tours, Dalian tours, Shenyang tours, Changbaishan Mountain tours, etc. We have several pre-arranged Northeast China tours starting from Beijing, which can be also tailor made to start from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other cities in China. If not to your expectation, just email us for a customized Northeast China Tour.

Northeast China Winter Tour Packages

Duration:5 Days 4 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Harbin, Mudanjiang

Tour Style:Do you want to travel to China during winter & experience the Skiing ? Join in this 5 Days Harbin Snow Town Tour with Jihua Ski Resort that allows you to enjoy the charming winter landscape of Harbin & China Snow Town, provide a chance to let you experience the Skiing at Jihua Ski Resort. Immerse yourself in a white world and foegt all your worries during the tour, no need worry about the transportation, buy the tickets, meal, accommodation etc. It will be an unforgettable tour experience when you travel to China Harbin during winter.

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From $672 p/p

Duration:6 Days 5 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin

Tour Style:It's a 6-day guided tour to visit the top tourist cities (Shenyang, Changchun,Harbin) in Northeast China from Beijing with train experience, the cities have profound Manchuria cultural heritage that allows you to savor the local Manchuria customs & lifestyle. During your 6 days in northeast part of China, you will visit the Shenyang Imperial Palace, Beiling Park, Shenyang Middle Street, Puppet Manchurian Palace, Harbin Sun Island, St. Spohia Church etc. You can feel the charm of these cities when you visit these places. Taking this tour, you can experience the high speed train & overnight sleep train between capital Beijing & northeast part. It's a all-inclusive package which covers the train tickets, hotels, meals, land transfer, tour guide service, entrance for all the sites listed. You just need to enjoy the services of this journey!

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From $672 p/p

Duration:6 Days 5 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Sun Island, Siberian Tiger Park, Yabuli Ski Resort, Ice and Snow World, China Snow Town

Tour Style:Taking this 6 days Harbin & China Snow Town Tour which cover the highlights of Harbin & China Snow Town, such as Sun Island, Siberian Tiger Park, Yabuli Ski Resort, Ice and Snow World, China Snow Town. Someone come to Harbin for the stunning Ice and Snow Festival, someone want to enjoy the fullest fun of skiing, while some travelers want to feel the most beautiful northern scenery...all the best highlights and awesome experience in this 6 days trip in Northeast China during the winter time.

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From $496 p/p

Duration:8 Days 7 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Jilin, Harbin, Changchun, Mudanjiang

Tour Style: Explore Northeast China with an informative guide on an 8-day tour that includes Jilin, Harbin, Changchun, Mudanjiang. Visit the famous winter travel destinations including No.1 Snow Town in Mudanjiang,China & entend to the Yangchaoshan Mountain for the skiing experience; top attractions in those cities. Start your tour at Harbin and ends at Jilin, this 8-day northeast china winter tour covers the accommodations, professional tour guide service, high-speed train between each city, transportation, entrance fees and meals listed in the itinerary.

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From $667 p/p

Duration:12 Days, 11 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Beijing, Shenyang, Changchun, Jilin and Harbin

Tour Style:This 12-Day trian tour covers the destinations in Northereastern part of China, starting from Beijing then take high speed trains to Shenyang, Changchun, Jilin, Harbin and Beijing departure for a fantastic trip.By this tour, you will have a chance to

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From $1200 p/p

Most Asked Questions about Northeast China Tours

1. How much is the bullet train ticket price for Beijing to Changchun and how long does it take?

It takes around 5 hours for you to get to Changchun from Beijing. There are three types of train seats that you can choose. It costs 437.5RMB for second class seat, 710RMB for first class seat and 1363.5RMB for business seat.

2. When is the best time to visit Harbin?

The best time to visit Harbin is from Dec. to Feb. Winters in Harbin are extremely cold with temperatures dropping down to -13? on an average and sometimes, even lower. But winter makes Harbin looks attractive, and the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival will be held with various snow related activities, which enable the tourists to involve in ice and sports. 

3. How many days should I plan for a Beijing Harbin Tour?

Normally take 5-6 days to explore the major highlights in Beijing and Harbin is enough. You can spend 3 days in Beijing to visit Forbidden City, Great Wall, Hutongs, etc and fly to Harbin on day 4, visit the Harbin Ice & Snow World, St.Sophia Church, Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Expo,etc. If you have a longer stay in China, take an excursion trip to China Snow Town can be a great idea. Please advise.

4. What is the best season to visit Inner Mongolia?

The best time to visit Inner Mongolia is in Summer and Autumn. Inner Mongolia has a temperate monsoon climate, which is featured by few and irregular rainfall, drastic shift of temperature.
Spring (Mar.-May.): Spring lasts for about two months and has an average daytime temperature of 12°C. In the Inner Mongolia desert areas, dust storms appear frequently; while in grassland areas, the grass and trees are flourishing; and flocks and herds are in groups.

Summer(Jun.-Aug.): With an average temperature of 21°C, many consider summer the best time to visit Mongolia. Summer in Inner Mongolia grassland areas is relatively cool and warm. However, in desert areas, people will feel the intense summer heat. The hottest month July, has the average temperature 16 ?-27 ?. The highest temperature has reached 36 ?-43 ?.

Autumn(Sept.-Nov.) : As the most beautiful season, autumn brings color to the countryside. The first flakes of snow also arrive at this time. Fall sees Mongolia weather at its best. Tourists can enjoy fantasy beauty like the desert wind and sea oasis, even a mirage in the desert.

Winter (Nov.-Feb.): Winter and sub-zero temperatures begin in late November and last until March. Living in Mongolia in winter feels like living in a giant freezer. These low temperatures feel a lot better than they sound. Mongolia has a dry climate, and this takes the edge of the cold - it feels colder in Europe! But minus forty is minus forty and the cold must be respected.

5. How Long it takes from Beijing to Harbin by Air?

There are many direct flights for you to get to Harbin from Beijing. It takes only 2 hours for one way. Besides the flight, you can also take "D" train, it costs 313.5RMB for second class seat, but takes longer, it takes around 8h23min to Harbin.

6. Planning to go to Harbin on 5 Dec, may I know whether it is possible to see the ice festival?

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival normally will open from 24th Dec. to the end of Feb, you might cannt see the ice festival on 5 Dec. Is it possible for you to adjust the travel date, if so, the best best time to visit Harbin is in Jan. and Feb.

7. My friend and I would like to visit Harbin from 26th to 31st Dec., any tour can be suggeted? I believe that we can go and see the ice-sculptures, right? How about the ski?

Thanks for your inquiry for our service. Yes, you can see the ice-sculptures during that time as the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival will open from 24th Dec. to the end of Feb. The festival includes many interesting activities and events, such as ice and snow carnival, international ice sculptures competitions, ice lantern show, sliding, ice-sailing, sledging, ice hockey, ice football, speed skating, cross-field skiing and Alpine skiing competitions, fishing, swimming, ice and snow film art show, painting exhibition, calligraphy display, photo exhibition, folk song and dance performances, wedding ceremonies on ice, trade talks, trade fairs and all kinds of national or international sports events etc. You'll have a lot of fun here. 

8. What is included in your Private Two Days Tour of Harbin Ice Snow Festival and Highlights?

The price for the Private Two Days Tour of Harbin Ice Snow Festival and Highlights includes a knowledgeable local guide, experienced driver, private city transportation, entrance fees for the attractions listed in the itinerary and airport/hotel/train station pickup & drop off. The meals and hotels are excluded. If you want to an All Inclusive tour package, we can help you book everything for you. 

9. Are there any hotels in Harbin near mosque and muslim restaurant? We need the 4 star hotels?

Yes, there are many muslim restaurants in Harbin, it's very easy for muslims. Recommended hotels as below:
1). Junyi Hotel: No. 290, Xuanhua Street, Nangang District
2). Bremen Hotel (Harbin Central Street): No.38, Hongxia Street, Daoli District
3). Mansion 1903 Hotel (Harbin Central Street): No.16, Dongfeng Street, Daoli District
For more hotel details, feel free to contact us.

10. Hello, We'll stay in Harbin from 3th January to 5th. How can we go from Harbin airport to the train station? We need to go there when we arrive to buy a train ticket to Beijing.

You can take the airport shuttle bus line 1 from the airport to Harbin train station. It costs CNY 20, and the bus is available and runs from 04:30-20:00. When you buy train ticket at the train station, please do take your passport and prepare some cash, as most of train statons in China donnt accept Visa Card or Master Card. 

11. What should I pack for my winter tour to Harbin?

The winter in Harbin is super cold, the average temperature is -13?. We recommend you wear down jackets, woolen pants, snow boots, hats, scarves and gloves, everything that can keep you warm. Because the weather is chilly and very dry, it is suggested that you wear a mask to protect your nose and lips. 

12. What are the top things to do in Dalian?

Dalian is an absolutely beautiful place to visit. The city is filled with beaches and cherry blossoms with a picturesque view around every corner. Thanks to its role as a central point in the Russo-Japanese War, a lot of the "old" architecture in the city has a mixture of Japanese and Russian influence, giving the city a beautiful appeal. Followings are the major highlights for first time visitors.
1. Gold Pebble Beach
2. Bin Hai Road
3. Shuolin Arts and Crafts Garden
4. Sun Asia Ocean World
5. Tiger Beach Ocean Park
6. Xingshui Temple

13. How can I get china visa to get into Inner Mongolia?

Being part of China, Inner Mongolia's currency s the reminbi, so there are no worries about changing your cash to some obscure currency. As with the rest of the mainland, a China visa is required to get into the country. If you book the tour package with us, we can provide Invitation Letter for you to apply for tourist visa. Moreover, when you arrive there, you'd better exchange some reminbi as the credit cards are not widely accepted at most restaurants and hotels.

14. How far is it from Beijing to Inner Mongolia?

The distance from Inner Mongolia to Beijing is 407 kilometers. The air travel distance is equal to 253 miles. You can travel to Inner Mongolia from Beijing, it takes around 100minutes.

15. Hi, My husband and I will go to Harbin in the middle of December. I'm wondering if you could organize a 2 days trip from Beijing to Harbin and back to Beijing, we want to see the major highlights. Tha

Thanks for your inquiry for our servce. Well noted your requirement. We recommend you take flight from Beijing to Beijing and start your Harbin tour directly, the major highlights includes Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Expo, Siberian Tiger Park, Heilongjiang Provincial Museum, St.Spoia Church, Centeral Street and Stalin Park. After the tour ends, transfer you to the airport, you return to Beijing on day 2. We will send you the tour details and quotation to your email accordingly. Please check it. 

16. What is the average temperature in the city of Harbin in Jan.? I plan to visit there on 9th Jan.

The climate of Harbin is temperate continetal monsoon climate. Jan. is the clodest month of the year in Harbin, the average temperature is -20?. It is freezing, cold, dry and sunny. Warm jacket, gloves, har, thick scarf,etc are needed. Jan. is the best time to enjoy the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival with many interesting winter activities and sports. 

17. I am planning to visit Changbaishan in mid October, do you think that will be a good time? Will it be too cold? If so, will the park be closed?

The best time to visit Changbaishan is in July, August and September. During which, visitors can enjoy hundreds of flowes blossom on the Southern and Western slopes. Travel in October is also nice, but will be very cold. October is the best time for skiing and enjoying the hot spring on the moutain. As for the park, it depends on the weather, sometimes you can't really see the volcanic lake. 

18. How do I get to the Ice and Snow World from Harbin train station?

1). By city bus: you can take Bus No. 47, 42, 127 from Harbin train station, get off at the Bingxuedashijie stop (The Ice and Snow World stop), so you can get there, it cost CNY 2 and takes around 50 minutes.
2). By metro: take metro line 3 to Yida'eryuan Station and take metro line 1 to Xidaqiao Station, Exit 2B. The take Bus No.119 to the Ice and Snow World.
3). By Taxi: Distance from the train station to the Ice and Snow World is around 10km, take taxi is the easist way to get there, it costs around CNY 25 and take half an hour for one way.
4). By private transfer: if you want to make your journey in Harbin worry-free and enjoyable, you can book a private transfer, your driver will pick you up at the exit of the train station and transfer you to the place where you want to go accordingly!

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