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Dalian is one of the best tourist destinations in the northeast China. The city is filled with beaches and cherry blossoms, with a picturesque view around every corner. Thanks to its role as a central point in the Russo-Japanese War, a lot of the “old” architecture in the city has a mixture of Japanese and Russian influence, giving the city a beautiful appeal. However, as a large city, it has more to offer than just scenery and architecture. If you are interested in trying out new food or enjoying a night out, there are options for that as well. The most popular Dalian City Tour as below:

Dalian City Tours

Duration:8 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Dalian People Square, Xinghai Park, Russian Style Street, Binhai Road

Tour Style:Get to know Dalian and its historical highlights in one day on this private city tour. Visit the biggest and most famous Dalian People Square for the city views, and visit Xinhai Park. Then stroll Russian Style Street and dmire the grand European-style buildings. Lastly, drive along Binhai Road, enjoy the panoramic coastline and sea. This is a wonderful tour that suit for travelers who both love history and nature.

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Duration:2 Days 1 Night

Attractions(Cities):Xinghai Park,Dalian People Square,Russian Style Street,Binhai Road

Tour Style:Travel to visit Dalin city by our 2 days private tour package, experience the authentic life of this coastal city in Northeast China. Follow your travel expert to know about Dalian this city through visiting the most famous tourist sites, Xinghai Park, Dalian People Square, Russian Style Street, Binhai Road; It provide a great chance to learn how Dalian fits together as you explore with a private guide, discover the city’s Japanese and Russian colonial heritage within two days. There’s no getting lost, you will have a door-to-door pick up & drop off service for the entire tour.

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Most Asked Questions about Dalian City Tours

1. How to get to Dalian city?

Dalian is a city which has has a well-developed transportation system. Flight, High-speed train, even the you can take cruise to reach Dalian city. Dalian has four railway stations serving in this city: Dalian Station, Dalian North Station, the new Wafangdian Station and the new Pulandian Station.

Dalian has only one airport-Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport. It offering 121 direct flights to and from most of the main cities in the mainland China.

2. When is the best time visit Dalian?

The best time to visit Dalian city is from May to September, you can enjoy the good weather with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius.

3. What to pack when we visit Dalian?

Spring(Mar.-May): You can bring the Jackets, Sweaters, Long-sleeved T-shirts and Pants.
Summer(Jun.-Aug.): You can bring the T-shirts, Short-sleeved shirts, Shorts, Skirts, Sandal, Sunbonnet and Sunglasses
Autumn(Sept.-Nov.): You can bring the Jackets, thin sweaters and pants
Winter(Dec.-Feb.): You can bring the Down jackets, sweaters, gloves, pants, cotton trousers and cotton trousers

4. What to do or see in Dalian?

1) Tiger Beach Ocean Park
Tiger Beach Ocean Park is located on the southern coast of Dalian. It is constructed beside the mountains and the ocean, giving visitors a scenic view to enjoy while also creating a conducive environment for the animals that it houses.

2) Dalian Xinghai Square
Xinghai Park is located south of Dalian in the middle section of Xinghai Bay. It is a large seaside park adjacent to to Shengya Ocean World.

3) Bangcui Island
It is also called the Bangchui Island Resort Hotel Area and located on the eastern side of Dalian's urban district. Its main attractions include Bangchui Island Beach, the hotel villa area and Bangchui Island itself.

5. Could you provide some Dalian useful travel tips? My husband and I plan to visit Dalian in July.

1) Tap water is not drinkable, you should drink mineral water or pure water. And it's best not to drink beer when eating seafood.
2) Dalian is also a high-spending place, try to bargain when you go shopping, and pay attention to the quality of the products.
3) Be respect local custom and culture during the tour since there are some minority people.
4) Langauge may be a barrier since few people speak english in Dalian, you can download a translation application in advance.

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