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Best Beijing Day Tour and Holiday Packages For Timeless Wonders

Welcome to the Gateway of China – Beijing! Our Beijing day tours and holiday packages are thoughtfully crafted, focusing on providing an unforgettable experience for first-time visitors to this vibrant city.

Explore the must-visit landmarks meticulously included in our itineraries, ensuring you witness the essence of Beijing's rich history and culture. From the iconic Forbidden City to the awe-inspiring Great Wall, our tours showcase the wonders that make Beijing a treasure trove of historical and architectural marvels.

What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence in guided services. Our team of knowledgeable guides, well-versed in the city's history and traditions, will not only show you around but immerse you in the stories and significance behind each site.

Embark on your Beijing adventure with us, where every tour is a journey into the heart of China's capital, blending history, culture, and modernity seamlessly. Let us be your guide to unlocking the wonders of Beijing.

Best Beijing Tours For First Time Visit

Duration:7 - 8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace

Tour Style:Immerse yourself in the Historic city of Beijing during a full-day tour of the city’s most significant historical sites: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tian’anmen Square and the Summer Palace. The four sightseeing spots provide great insight into the palace life and the imperial court ceremonials of more than 600 years ago. Convenient round-trip transportation from your Beijing hotel/Airport/Train station is included. It is an ideal trip during your stort stay in Beijing!

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From $79 p/p

Duration:2 Days, 1 Night

Attractions(Cities):Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Tian'anmen Square, Mutianyu Great Wall, Summer Palace, Nanluoguxiang Hutong, Optional activities: Legend of Kung Fu Show; Peking duck Dinner

Tour Style:Join an expert guide for a private tour of Beijing’s most fascinating destinations and UNESCO Sites, from the Forbidden City to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China. Take the stress out of planning transport by having hotel/Airport/Train station pickup and drop-off included. Flexible tour with a choice to enjoy an evening show or eat an authentic Chinese delicacy – Peking duck to enhance the tour experience.

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From $195 p/p

Duration:3 Day 2 Night

Attractions(Cities):Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Haven, Jingshan park(Panorama of Forbidden City + sunset), Summer Palace, Kunming Lake Boat Ride, Nanluoguxiang Hutong, Mutianyu Great Wall,Bird's Nest, Water Cube

Tour Style:Discover the wonders of Beijing on our 3-Day Classic Beijing Highlights Tour, curated for first-time visitors. Language barriers vanish with expert guides, while private car transfers ensure a seamless exploration of the city's iconic sites.

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From $278 p/p

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Morning market, Beihai park, Nanluoguxiang Hutong, Jingshan park

Tour Style:Embark on an exclusive journey through Beijing's renowned attractions with our private tour, designed to provide an intimate exploration of the city's highlights. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Nanluoguxiang Hutongs, where you can leisurely stroll or opt for a charming rickshaw ride (optional). Discover the warmth of local families, savor an authentic Beijing lunch, and engage in the rich tapestry of Beijing's folk arts.Convenient round-trip transportation from your Beijing hotel/Airport/Train station is included.

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From $80 p/p

Duration:5 Days, 4 Night

Attractions(Cities):Mutianyu Great Wall, Bird's Nest, Water Cube,Qianmen Street, Morning market, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Jingshan park (overlooking the Forbidden City & sunset), Temple of Heaven, Nanluoguxiang Huton, Facial Makeup Painting, 798 Art Zone

Tour Style:The overall style of the itinerary embodies an immersive journey through Beijing's imperial history and rich cultural tapestry. Each day offers a blend of iconic sightseeing experiences, such as exploring historic landmarks like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, with opportunities for cultural immersion, including traditional activities like kite flying, Tai Chi, and hutong exploration. The itinerary strikes a balance between historical exploration and authentic cultural encounters, providing travelers with a comprehensive and enriching experience of Beijing's vibrant heritage.

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From $186 p/p

Duration:6 Days, 5 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Beihai park, Hutong(Family visiting), CITY WALK: Yonghegong - Guozijian - Wudaoying Hutong - North Luoguxiang - South Luoguxiang(Family visiting), Mutianyu Great Wall, Bird's Nest, Water Cube, Morning Wet & Food Market, CITY WALK: Dongjiao Minxiang - Qianmen, Panjiayuan Antique Market, 798 Art District

Tour Style:This Beijing itinerary promises an immersive and well-rounded travel experience, blending historical landmarks, cultural immersion, and culinary delights. From exploring iconic sites like Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City to delving into the charm of traditional Hutongs and sampling local delicacies at bustling markets, each day offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Whether marveling at the ancient wonder of the Mutianyu Great Wall or discovering the vibrant art scene of the 798 Art District, travelers can expect a journey filled with discovery, exploration, and unforgettable moments in the heart of China's capital city.

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From $223 p/p

Duration:7 Days, 6 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Tiananmen Square,Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Jingshan park (overlooking the Forbidden City & sunset), Beijing Universal Studios, Mutianyu Great Wall, Gubei Water Town, Simatai Great Wall, Hot Spring Hotel in the Water Town, Summer Palace(ice-skating IF WEATHER PERMITS), Lama Palace, the Confucius Temple and Imperial College, Panjiayuan Antique Market, 798 Art Zone

Tour Style:Embark on a 7-Day Family Winter Wonderland tour in Beijing, where historic marvels meet snowy escapes. From Tiananmen Square to the iconic Mutianyu Great Wall, delve into the city's rich history and breathtaking landscapes. With a private guide ensuring seamless logistics and flexible options for evening entertainment and culinary delights, this adventure promises an unforgettable experience for all ages.

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From $218 p/p

Duration:7 Days, 6 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Beijing, Xian

Tour Style:Spend a week in China to explore the ancient capital Beijing & Xian by high speed train, one of the best Beijing Xian tours as well as popular china high speed train tour. Both are the must-visit city in China with lots of historical, cultural relics; It is a fine-designed tour for time-limited tourists who are interested in culture and history. Meets different people's needs with the flexible and comfortable pace. Experience the most comfortable high speed train ride from Beijing to Xian. An all-inclusive pacakge covers the transfer, guide,meals,hotels,train tickets and the entrance for the sightseeing sites in Beijing and Xian!

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From $490 p/p

Duration:7 Days, 6 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Shanghai & Beijing

Tour Style:Get to know about the past & modern China by visiting Shanghai and Beijing, both are the most popular tourist destinations in China. High speed train is a convenient and the most popular way for Beijing Shanghai Tour. This 7 Days Shanghai & Beijing high speed train tour will take you to visit the most famous landmarks, such as The Bund where you can admire the exotic architectural style & modern characteristic buildings; Relax yourself during the night boat cruise aling the Huangpu River (the mother river of Shanghai); Visit the typical chinese garden in Shanghai Yu Garden; Experience the imperial lifestyle through the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven etc as well as hike up to the famous Great Wall of China. It is an ideal China train tour for those only have a short stay in China.

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From $690 p/p

Duration:4-5 hours

Attractions(Cities):Summer Palace, Nanluoguxiang Hutong

Tour Style:Make the most of your limited time in Beijing and get a personalized experience as you tour Summer Palace and the ancient alleys (hutongs) on a rickshaw with a private, English speaking guide. Clamber into your traditional mode of transport and discover an alternative side of Beijing; see locals going about daily life; Visit a local home to gain insight into ancient Chinese customs.

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From $50 p/p

Duration:8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Beijing Tour Guide

Tour Style:Planning your trip to Beijing? Contact us for a private Beijing tour guide that suits your travel request. We have over 30 English speaking tour guides with with a professional license or tour guiding certificate with expertise in history, shopping, business, nightlife and pretty much anything else you can think of. There aren't only tour guides either - assistants and interpreters too! They will help you learn a lot about the region, get a great price by skipping the middlemen and ensure you have a pleasant experience.

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From $90 p/p

Duration:4-5 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Chang'an Avenue, Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City, National Olympic Stadium(Birds Nest,Water Cube), CCTV New Mansion, National Grand Theatre, Wangfujing Street, Houhai Lake & Shichahai Lake Bar Street

Tour Style:Under the cloak of darkness, Beijing transforms into an illuminated wonderland. Travel with a private guide in a comfortable vehicle to see Tiananmen Square, admire the dramatic architecture of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing National Stadium. Explore a maze of food stalls and Central Business District shopping centers at Wangfujing; discover some great local bars around Houhai Lake. Appease your appetite with an authentic Chinese dinner (Optional) and enjoy the convenience of round-trip transportation from your Beijing hotel/Train Station/Airport.

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From $50 p/p

Duration:8 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Guibeikou Water Town, Simatai Great Wall

Tour Style:Escape from bustling and hustling world from Beijing. Discover the Gubei Water Town, boasts a combination of mountains, water and ancient villages by the northern architectural style. Experience unique local customs and participate in native activities. Then, hike along the Simatai Great Wall, famed for its dramatic scenery and the most dangerous and majestic section of the entire Great Wall. Enjoy the convenience of round-trip transportation from your Beijing hotel/Train Station/Airport.

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From $110 p/p

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):The Palace Museum,Beijing Zhongshan Park,The New Culture Movement Memorial,Peking University

Tour Style:A tour to the Palace Museum will impress visitors with a dazzling array of world-famous ancient building complexes; a tour to Beijing Zhongshan Park will offer a glimpse into the lifetime of our great pioneering democratic revolutionist Sun Yat-sen; a tour to the New Culture Movement Memorial of Beijing will transport you back to the unforgettable history of the New Culture Movement.

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From $75 p/p

Duration:4-5 hours

Attractions(Cities):Blue Note Jazz Club, Page-one 24 hours Bookstore, Midnight dinner

Tour Style:Looking for a night tour in Beijing? If you don’t like the stereotyped Beijing touring mass route, you can find the special nightlife guide here, which brings you another Beijing along the same Central Axis.

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From $45 p/p

Duration:6-8 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven

Tour Style:The metro network of Beijing is the fastest, punctual, reliable, economic means of transportation traveling in and around Beijing. Visit Beijing Forbidden City & Temple of Heaven by public subway is a different and unique tour experience. Our local english tour guide will head you to to see these two beijing must-see attractions exploring Beijing history, culture and cuisine, hassle-free.

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From $52 p/p

Duration:5 Days 4 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing Zoo, Beihai Park, Hutongs, Lama Temple

Tour Style:The tour covers most famous highlights of Beijing city, includes Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing Zoo, Beihai Park, Hutongs, Lama Temple. During this 5 days in Beijing, you can learn the history & culture of Beijing city, experience the real hutong life accommpied by our professional tour guide and driver. It's suitable for the first-time visit in Beijing!

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From $550 p/p

Duration:4 Days 3 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Jiankou Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, an Outside Look at the Bird's Nest and Water Cube, Lama Temple Chenxian Street, Drum Tower, Yandai Byway, Yinding Bridge, Rickshaw Tour, Old Courtyard

Tour Style:Get deeper insight into the Beijing & Immerse yourself into the touring around the capital city Beijing through experience the hiking from Jiankou Great Wall to famou Mutianyu Great Wall; Delve into the imperial life and profound Chinese culture and history at the Forbidden City; Spend a relaxing time in the royal resort - Summer Palace & walk into the local antique market at Panjiayuan Market; Take a traditional rickshaw ride to visit the old courtyards and hutongs. Appreciate the peerless modern architecture of Bird's Nest & Water Cube; Visit the historical & cultural sites of Lama Temple, Drum Tower. Booking this tour, you can fully enjoy a customized itinerary with private guide and car service.

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From $315 p/p

Duration:6-8 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Dongsi Mosque, Bird's Nest & Water Cube (from outside), Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square

Tour Style:Beijing City Highlights & Muslim Tour with Halal Food Lunch is an ideal tour option for Muslim travelers are choosing the tour itinerary for their first time visit to Beijing. It combined with the most famous tourist sites & mosques in Beijing, such as Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Dongsi Mosque and Bird's Nest, Water Cube from outside. Visit the essential of Beijing as well as the learn the muclim culture in Beijing. The day tour package includes the professional tour guide service, hotel/train station/airport pick up service, entrance fee for sites listed in the itinerary and the halal food lunch during the tour. It is an all inculsive tour package and suitable for the muslim travellers.

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From $68 p/p

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Beihai Park and Nanluoguxiang

Tour Style:Visit the imperial Beijing city by public subway is a cost-saving way, it's easy & convenient to visit the most famous tourist attractions by subway, such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Hutongs. Travel with your personal tour guide, you will get better understanding of history through the sightseeing, experience the city lifestyle when you take subway with locals. It is a flexble subway tour in Beijing which can create your own visiting itinerary as well.

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From $75 p/p

Duration:4-5 Hours

Attractions(Cities):798 Art Zone

Tour Style:The Half Day Beijing Trip of Artistic Feeling shows you a place where full of artistic atmosphere. Burst through the language barrier and access the secrets of China’s vibrant contemporary art scene on this half-day tour of Beijing’s fashionable 798 Art Zone with your own personal translator/guide. Put thoughts of calligraphy and classical painting to one side as you explore galleries, meet artists in their studios, and immerse in this labyrinth of converted industrial buildings. Private transportation for the tour, hotel pick up and drop off is included.

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From $45 p/p

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):National Performing Arts Center,CCTV Headquarters Building,798 Art Zone,Nanluoguxiang Hutong Area

Tour Style:This is a private full-day city tour in Beijing which is designed for visitors who are interested in Beijing's tranditional & modern architecture, artistic atmosphere. The tour starts with a visit to modern buildings National Performing Arts Center & CCTV Headquarters. Feel the artistic atmosphere of Beijing city in 798 Art District Stroll through the traditional hutong to know the history of the old Beijing. The tour includes entrance fees, and hotel pickup and drop-off.

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From $75 p/p

Most Asked Questions about Beijing Private Tour

1. What is the payment method if I want to book a Beijing One Day Tour with you?

After you confirmed the tour itinerary and all the details, we require 20% of the total payment via PayPal, Alipay, Wechat or Bank Transfer in advance to secure the tour booking, and the balance you can pay our guide in cash after the tour ends.

2. Should I book Beijing tours from a travel agency? I travel by my own.

Beijing is the capital city of China, has a completely city transportation, it's very easy for you to take taxi, city bus or metro to explore the sites of the city. However, if you're limited on time, book a Beijing tour with a local travel agency is the best choice, as the travel agency can plan the best tour package that covers the main highlights of the city to make the most of your time in Beijing, and you can get a unique tour experience without the hassles of arranging transportation.

3. What are the top things to do in Beijing for travelers?

Beijing is one of the six ancient cities in China, it is the most important and interesting city abundant in history, culture, beautiful landscapes, and fine cuisine. Here we list the top things to do in Beijing for travelers who are the first time in Beijing.
1. The Great Wall of Beijing.
2. Forbidden City
3. Summer Palace
4. Beijing Hutongs
5. Tiananmen Square
6. Temple of Heaven
Normally it takes around 2-3 days to explore Beijing city highlights, if you want to book tour packages, feel free to contact us.

4. How can I get to Forbidden City from Beijing International Airport?

There are four ways that you can get to Forbidden City from Beijing Airport:
1. By metro: Take a metro from Beijing Capital Airport T2/T3 to Sanyuanqiao Station, then metro line 10 to Guomao Station, and take metro line 1 to Tian'anmen East Station, then you can walk to Forbidden City. It costs around CNY 30 for one way.

2. By Shuttle Bus: There are over 20 shuttle bus lines connecting Beijing International Airport to Beijing downtown, you can take Bus Line 10 to get to Wangfujing directly, after you get off the station, you can walk to Fobbiden City. It costs CNY 25, and take around 1hr20mins.

3. By Taxi: Take a taxi from the airport and the taxi driver will take you to the Forbidden City, it takes around 30-50 minutes, depends on the traffic.

4. By Private Transfer: To make your Beijing journey worry-free, you can also book a private transfer with us, your driver will pick you up at the exit of the airport and transfer you to Forbidden City.

5. My wife and I plan to visit Beijing on 3rd Sept, we are interested in your 3-Day Beijing Scenic Tour with Summer Palace, is it available? How can I book this tour with you?

Thanks for your inquiry for our service. Yes, the 3-Day Beijing Scenic Tour is available. You can send an email about your requirements, the number of your group and more details to us, we will get back all the tour itinerary and details to you. After you confirmed the tour details, we require 20% of the total payment via PayPal, Alipay, Bank Transfer or WeChat in advance and the balance you can pay our guide in cash.

6. Is there any rickshaw available at Nanluoguxiang Hutongs?

Nanluoguxiang has become a combination of traditional Beijing Butong and refurished pedetrian street. Walking and Taking a rickshaw ride could be very characteristic experience. You can easily find rickshaws at Nanluoguxiang (usually at the entrance or nearby Hutongs). The rickshaws is charged by distance and time, normally it costs around CNY 100. The rickshaw drivers are very familar with these Hutongs, they are willing to share the history and interesting stories of Beijing Hutongs to you.

7. Hi, My family is planning a 1 day tour to the Mutianyu Great Wall next week. Is the Great Wall applicable for kids ages 4 and 7? What is the climate? Is it good for hiking?

Mutianyu Great Wall is the best section when you travel with kids. Tray to take the cable car up to Tower 14, walk to Tower 6, and then take the toboggan down from there. Kids love it very much. However, Beijing could be very cold and windy in December. You'd better stay indoor if you are in Beijing in a windy day. And Hike Great Wall in Winter is a bit challenging mainly due to the frozen weather. You are advised to dress warmly, wear winter hat with ear flap, gloves, winter jacket and hiking shoes,etc. 

8. When is the best time to visit Beijing? I plan to travel to Beijing next year.

The best time to visit Beijing is May and Spetember, you can enjoy the moderate temperatures and crowds. Spring in the Beijing is usually fresh and vibrant, with fewer tourists, affordable prices. You can expect some hot days in September, but for the rest of the fall, you can bring light layers. These temperate seasons provide the best climate, not to mention colorful scenery. In contrast, summer brings sweltering heat, and winter ushers in cold temps and sometimes snow. While you should be mindful of the weather, you should also steer clear of national public holidays. Millions of domestic tourists flood Beijing's historic and sacred sites. 

9. Is it far away from Tianjin to Beijing? We would like to fly to Tianjin. And where shall we join the tour? Can you pick us up at the Tianjin cruise port?

Tianjin Cruise Port is around 165KM to Beijing, there is no direct flight between these two cities, you can choose high-speed train or long distance bus from Tianjin to Beijing. We do provide Beijing tour from Tianjin Cruise port. The pick up service can be arranged at the Tianjin cruise port, and after the tour ends, you will be dropped off at Tianjin Cruise Port. This tour can be customized based on your requirement.

10. My family are interested in your 2-Day Classic Beijing Sightseeing Tour. We haven't book the flight from Hong Kong yet. Can you pick up up from the airport? Will transportation be available for us th

Yes, pick up service can be arranged at the airport, and the driver can drop you off at the airport after the tour ends, but there will be extra fee. Could you please let us know how many people in your family, when you want to travel? We will send you the details accordingly.

11. What time does your tour start if I book the Beijing tour with you?

Normally our Beijing tours start at around 9:30, and last around 7-8 hours. But our tours are 100% flexible, which can be customized based on your requirement. Feel free to let us know your requirements.

12. What includes in your tour package?

Normally our Beijing tours includes a knowledgeable tour guide, experienced driver, comfortable air-conditioned vehicle, bottled water and entrance fees. As for the accommodations and meals, you can find them by your own, or we can also help you arrange it. An all-inclusive tour package can make your trave worry-free.

13. Do you have a guide can speak Spanish language?

Yes, we have Spanish speaking tour guide. Most of our tour guide are English speaking tour guide, we only have 2 Spanish speaking tour guide, if you want Spanish speaking tour guide, you'd better book the tour with us as soon as possible in case they are fully booked. Please advise.

14. What is the weather in Beijing around July (early July) as I'll do business there and want to do a short trip.

July is the most humid month all year in Beijing and it is one of the rainiest months of the year, with rainfall falling for up to fourteen days during the month averagely. July is generally a hot month with temperatures rangin between 22°C (71.6°F) and 31°C (87.8°F) - the hottest temperatures of the year. Though it's hot, July and Augest are the peak seaon for tourism in Beijing, as most Chinese schools have summer holidays. During the trip, it's advisable to wear short pants, short skirts that are comfortable and well-ventilated.

15. Can you provide invitation letter of tourist visa from USA?

Yes, if you book the tour package with us, we will provide the Invitation Letter for you to apply for tourist visa. 

16. How much is the train ticket price for Beijing to Harbin and how long does it take?

There are three types of train that you can take from Beijing to Harbin, "D" train, "T" train and "K" train:
"D" train: it takes 8h23min, CNY313.5 for scecond class seat; CNY501.5 for first class seat;
"Z" train: it takes 10h57min, CNY152.5 for hard seat; CNY 279.5 for hard sleeper; CNY 427.5 for soft sleeper
"K" train: it takes 18h19min, CNY 168.5 for hard seat; CNY 307.5 for hard sleeper; CNY 470.5 for soft sleeper
As for the train ticket, you can book it online by yourself, it's very easy, also we can help you book the train ticket if you need. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or need any help.

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