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Top Five Places to Climb in Autumn

Post Date: 2018/10/09 10:12
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Wuling Mountain
Wuling Mountain is in the northeast of Beijing. It is the main peak of Yanshan Mountain, 2,118 meters above sea level. Environment: When the clouds and mist rise out of the depths of the earth, it seems like people are walking on a road paved with clouds. It feels like walking in heaven, seriously. Tourists can come to traverse, camp and adventure here, in heaven.

Baihua Mountain
The mountain is 1,991m above sea level, steep and beautiful. Environment: In the summer, you can see the clouds ringing around the hilltops, and the gentle slope for several Chinese miles. The grass looks like a moist carpet, and wild flowers of all colors are blooming. Air conditions: As for the mountain microclimate, rainfall is abundant here. Various plants on the mountain flourish. According to the statistics there are more than 700 species. Thus the mountain is called a "natural botanical garden." The air is fresh.

Yunmeng Mountain
Yunmeng Mountain is part of the mountain range of Yanshan Mountain, which is in the north of Beijing. It is 1,414m above sea level, about 80 kilometers away from Beijing. Yunmeng Mountain is the nearest national forest reserve from Beijing at present. Environment: It is precipitous, elegant, extraordinary and magnificent. The stream on the mountain is unceasing all year round, running down to the valley. With the reed by the side, it has created the northern “regions south of the Yangtze River”. People are attracted by the grace. Air conditions: The weather is cool and pleasant, negative oxygen ions are extremely high in the mountain air. Vegetation cover rate is more than 90%. In the most hottest July, the average temperature of Yunmeng Mountain is 20 ?, lower than that of the summer resort.

Miaofeng Mountain
Miaofeng Mountain is one of the most famous “Eight Peaks” in Beijing. The altitude of the main peak is 1,291 meters. The mountain is 55 kilometers away from the center of Beijing, the nearest with a height of more than 1,000 meters. Environment: Miaofeng Mountain is a tourist attraction for pilgrimages and mountain resorts. The Jiangou village at the foot of the mountain is a “Village of Roses” in China, cultivating thousands of acres Miaofeng Roses.

Shangfang Mountain
Shangfang Mountain is located at Yuegezhuang County in the Fangshan District of Beijing, which is about 70 kilometers away from the city centre. The summit of Zhongtian is the highest one of the 12 peaks, with an altitude of 860 meters, and it also is addressed as “Zhai Xingsuo” (plucking the stars). Environment: There is a saying that goes: “In the south, there are beautiful sceneries in Suzhou and Hangzhou, while in the north, there is Shangfang Mountain.” The nine caves of Shangfang are extraordinary. The most famous one is the “Yunshui Cave,” in which there are 108 natural landscapes.

Tips on Climbing Wuling Mountain
Few tourists can visit all four scenic spots in one day if choosing to travel on foot. Therefore, you are recommended to visit two of other three scenic spots except Wulongtou Scenic Spot, where the highest peak lies in. To visit three attractions is a relatively reasonable arrangement for walker. Or else, self-driving is a better choice if you want to explore more about the Wuling Mountain.

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