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3 Days Beijing to Chengde Mountain Resort & Mulan Weichang Grassland Train Tour

From $390 per person
3 Days Beijing to Chengde Mountain Resort & Mulan Weichang Grassland Train Tour
  • 3 Days Beijing to Chengde Mountain Resort & Mulan Weichang Grassland Train Tour
  • 3 Days Beijing to Chengde Mountain Resort & Mulan Weichang Grassland Train Tour
  • 3 Days Beijing to Chengde Mountain Resort & Mulan Weichang Grassland Train Tour
  • 3 Days Beijing to Chengde Mountain Resort & Mulan Weichang Grassland Train Tour
  • 3 Days Beijing to Chengde Mountain Resort & Mulan Weichang Grassland Train Tour
  • 3 Days Beijing to Chengde Mountain Resort & Mulan Weichang Grassland Train Tour

Tour Style:
See all the highlights of Chengde Bashang Grassland & Mountain Resort by this 3 days Beijing side trip in Chengde. Enjoy the round-trip train ride between Beijing & Chengde with Beijing hotel-train station transfer. Accompanied by your personal tour guide to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Mulan Weichang Grassland, take part in some interesting activities (horse riding, local wrestling competitions), immerse yourself in the amazing scenery of sunset & sunrise at grassland; Spend a half day to explore the summer resort for the imperial family during the Qing Dynasty, take this chance to relax yourself in the mountain resort.

Duration: 3 Days, 2 Nights

Mulan Weichang Grassland, Chengde Mountain Resort

Pick-up point:
Your hotel in Beijing (Train station,Airport)

Finishing point:
Your hotel in Beijing (Train station,Airport)

Tour Customizable:
Absolutely! (Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry)

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Cash, Wire, Paypal, WesternUnion, Wechat, Alipay, Bank Transfer

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D1 Beijing--Chengde

  • Place&Transport: Beijing to Chengde
  • Today's Activities: Take train to Chengde, Mulan Weichang Grassland
  • Accommodation: N/A
  • Meal: N/A

Our local Beijing driver will greet you at your hotel lobby with a "Your Way Holiday" sign, ensuring a seamless transfer to the Beijing train station. The journey to Chengde by regular train takes approximately 4 hours, during which you can relax and enjoy the scenic route. Upon arrival at Chengde train station, our knowledgeable local guide will be waiting to welcome you, providing insightful commentary and assistance throughout your exploration of this historic city. This coordinated service ensures a comfortable and enriching travel experience from start to finish, allowing you to focus on enjoying your journey to Chengde.

Your Way Holiday

After a simple lunch at local restaurant, drive about 250KM to visit the Mulan Weichang Grassland. Generally, the Bashang Grasslands include four parts: Fengning Bashang, Zhangbei Bashang, Weichang Bashang and Guyuan Bashang. The four parts are located in four different counties of Hebei Province. The landscape in the Mulan Weichang, which locates at 450 kilometers northeast to Beijing, is the most beautiful. There are 1658 square kilometers covered with forest or grassland. The altitude here is 1500-2000 meters. The period from June through September is the best time to visit, and in this period the average temperature rages from 17 degrees to 19 degrees, about 10 degrees lower than that in downtown Beijing. Grassland tourism in Bashang is a recent phenomenon. If the weather permits, you can catch the sunset.

Mulan Weichang GrasslandMulan Weichang Grassland

After the tour concludes, our attentive guide and driver will ensure your comfortable return to your hotel near the Mulan Weichang Grassland. Throughout the day, they have provided insightful commentary, navigated scenic routes, and facilitated a seamless exploration of the beautiful Bashang Grasslands. Whether capturing the tranquility of the grasslands or enjoying local cuisine, our team is dedicated to enhancing your experience and ensuring a relaxing journey back to your accommodation. This personalized service ensures that your visit to Mulan Weichang is not only memorable but also filled with the comfort and expertise of local guidance.

D2 Mulan Weichang

  • Place&Transport: Mulan Weichang
  • Today's Activities: Mulan Weichang Grassland
  • Accommodation: N/A
  • Meal: N/A

Get up early to savor the enchanting sunrise over Bashang Grassland, weather permitting. After a hearty breakfast, the day is yours to explore the Mulan Weichang Area at your leisure. Options abound, including horse riding, camping amidst the serene landscapes, and witnessing local wrestling competitions. Indulge in regional delicacies like roast whole sheep and other rustic fare, immersing yourself in the local culture and flavors. The vast lakes and breathtaking scenery offer a refreshing escape for urban dwellers seeking respite from the bustling city life. Throughout your exploration, our knowledgeable guide remains available to offer insights, recommendations, and ensure a fulfilling experience tailored to your preferences, making your journey through Mulan Weichang both memorable and enjoyable.

Bashang GrasslandBashang Grassland

After a day filled with exploration and cultural immersion in Mulan Weichang, we will transfer you back to your hotel in Chengde. Throughout the tour, we have delighted in sharing the beauty and tranquility of the Bashang Grasslands with you. We hope you've enjoyed the breathtaking landscapes, the rich cultural experiences, and the local delicacies that Mulan Weichang has to offer. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout your journey, and we look forward to welcoming you back for more adventures in the future.

D3 Chengde--Beijing

  • Place&Transport: Chengde to Beijing
  • Today's Activities: Chengde Mountain Resort, Take train to Beijing
  • Accommodation: N/A
  • Meal: N/A

After breakfast, we will embark on a visit to the Chengde Mountain Resort, also known as the Chengde Summer Resort. This magnificent retreat was a favored escape for Qing Dynasty emperors like Kangxi, Qianlong, and Jiaqing, who sought refuge from Beijing's summer heat. The southern palace zone within the resort is meticulously designed to mirror the grandeur of Beijing's Forbidden City, showcasing imperial architecture and serene gardens. As we explore, our knowledgeable guide will offer insights into the historical significance of each structure, sharing stories of imperial life and the cultural influences that shaped this tranquil haven. Whether strolling through landscaped gardens, admiring intricate pavilions, or simply enjoying the peaceful ambiance, Chengde Mountain Resort promises a delightful experience for leisure and cultural discovery during your Chengde tour from Beijing.

Chengde Mountain ResortChengde Mountain Resort

After the tour of Chengde Mountain Resort, we will ensure a seamless drop-off at Chengde train station for your journey back to Beijing. Throughout the day, our attentive guide has provided historical insights and facilitated an enriching exploration of this imperial retreat. Upon arrival in Beijing, our reliable driver will be waiting to welcome you and provide comfortable transportation back to your hotel. Our commitment to quality service ensures that your Chengde experience concludes smoothly, leaving you with lasting memories of cultural discovery and relaxation.

Optional Activities

Embark on an enriching 3-day train tour from Beijing to Chengde's Mountain Resort and Mulan Weichang Grassland, where each day unfolds with opportunities to explore diverse landscapes and cultural treasures. Beyond the majestic mountain retreats and expansive grasslands, this tour offers optional activities designed to deepen your experience. Whether you're fascinated by imperial history, captivated by nomadic traditions, or seeking to capture the natural beauty through photography, each optional activity invites you to immerse yourself in the unique essence of these destinations. Join us as we traverse from Beijing to Chengde and Mulan Weichang, blending historical discovery, cultural immersion, and scenic splendor into an unforgettable journey through northern China's diverse landscapes and rich heritage.

Grassland Exploration and Hiking

Immerse yourself in the vast expanses of the grasslands, where tranquility meets majestic scenery. Discover diverse flora and fauna along various hiking trails that cater to different skill levels, offering a deep dive into the unique ecosystem of Weichang. Spot playful marmots darting through the grass or catch a glimpse of elegant deer grazing peacefully in the distance.

Horseback Riding and Equestrian Shows

Experience the thrill of horseback riding, deeply rooted in local tradition. Witness skilled equestrian performances that highlight the bond between riders and horses, set against the backdrop of Weichang's scenic vistas. Feel the exhilaration as expert riders demonstrate their mastery, showcasing the grace and power of these magnificent animals.

Horse RidingArchery and Mongolian Games

Experience "Xiama" wine

Experience the rich heritage of "Xiama" wine with a unique tasting session that immerses you in centuries-old traditions. Originating from the lush vineyards of Ningxia, this renowned Chinese wine captivates with its robust flavors and smooth finish. Delight in guided tastings that unveil the nuances of different varietals, accompanied by expert insights into the winemaking process. Whether you're a connoisseur or novice, the Xiaoma wine experience promises a journey through the essence of Chinese viticulture, blending history, culture, and unparalleled taste.

Experience Xiama wineExperience Xiama wine

Yurt Immersion and Grassland BBQ

Step inside a traditional yurt to learn about its design and cultural significance, surrounded by the sounds of nature and the aroma of hearty Mongolian cuisine. Afterward, savor a delectable BBQ feast on the open grasslands, featuring succulent grassland lamb skewers and regional delicacies prepared over an open flame.

Yurt Immersion and Grassland BBQMulan Weichang Grassland BBQ

From $390 per person
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Price Per Person in US Dollars

Price Includes

1. Cozy Ride: Enjoy the comfort and spaciousness of our air-conditioned car, offering scenic views.
2. Bilingual Expert Guide: Benefit from a personalized experience with a guide fluent in your language, catering to your needs.
3. Entrance Fees: Access all attractions and activities mentioned in the itinerary without worrying about additional entrance fees.
4. Seamless Transfer: Enhance your experience with convenient hotel or train station pickup and drop-off service.
5. Connect Seamlessly: Stay connected with complimentary onboard WiFi, allowing you to share your experiences in real-time.
6. City-to-City Train Tickets: Include the cost of train or flight tickets between the cities listed in the itinerary, ensuring a smooth and efficient travel experience.
7. Complimentary Water: Receive a complimentary bottle of water for each person, keeping you refreshed throughout your journey.
8. Travel Agency Liability Insurance: Benefit from coverage under our travel agency liability insurance, providing added protection and peace of mind during your trip.

Price Excludes

1. Personal Expe nses: This includes phone bills, laundry, additional tours, postage, and any entertainment fees not covered in the itinerary.
2. Meals: While meals are not included, our guide will recommend the best local food spots, giving you the chance to explore and choose based on your preferences. (Average cost per person for a regular meal at local eateries: 40RMB/6USD-80RMB/12USD)
3. Tips: Tips are not mandatory but are recommended for excellent service. If you feel satisfied with the service, you may consider leaving a tip.
4. Insurance: Insurance coverage for personal loss, illness, or damages incurred during your trip is not included.
5. Optional Activities: Any optional activities listed in the itinerary are not included in the tour fees, allowing you to choose and participate based on your preferences.
6. Accommodation: Hotel stays are not included in the package. However, we will gladly recommend reputable and comfortable hotels for your consideration, ensuring a pleasant stay during your trip.

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